Monday, November 19, 2012

Working out is better together

 Women who work out together stick with it longer. At least that seems to be the trend, especially with the latest group of women who now work with Rupp Fitness. For more than two years, a handful of friends have been tackling the challenge of becoming more fit, and shedding more pounds, side by side.

When they decided on this united approach, back in the summer of 2010, they stepped it up a notch by agreeing to engage a personal trainer.They called Paul Rupp, who is both a certified personal trainer and a certified strength & conditioning specialist. He has been designing effective programs for women and men (and girls and boys) for the past two decades.

Now Paul is guiding this group of friends through warm-ups, strength training, and post-workout stretching within an hour-long session. It’s all done in the cozy comfort of one participant’s living room.

There’s enough floor space for everyone, and not much else is needed, except energy and enthusiasm. Many exercises are done using their own body weight -- such as planks and bridges for core strengthening. An exercise ball and light dumbbells round out the gear.

According to Paul, he conducts a medium-to-high intensity workout “It’s enough of a challenge that there might be a little muscle soreness the next day, but there should never be any pain,” he says. “The women are beginning to see results, both in added tone and fewer pounds.”

Contact Paul about scheduling a training session in your home -- for yourself or for a group of your closest workout buddies.

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