Work Testing

Lift boxes...carry inventory...move equipment...transport patients...lift gurneys...climb utility poles...unload pallets...load trucks...or do other physical labor

  • Prevent injuries and workers’ comp claims
  • Reduce turnover, saving time and money by hiring the right people the first time
  • Maintain productivity in your workforce
"A lot of back injuries are cumulative, developing over years of lifting the wrong way. If you lift the right way, you may never have a back problem."                             --Paul Rupp

Paul has been conducting physical work capacity testing in job candidates for 20 years, starting as part of Pat Croce’s team at Sports Physical Therapists (now NovaCare Rehabilitation).

Paul understands the anatomy and physiology of how muscles work, especially under the stress of physical tasks. His process involves assessing the work situation in terms of physical requirements and the potential for strains, sprains and other on-the-job injuries. He then creates effective scenarios that simulate the actual work environment, testing the muscles the way they will be used on the job.

Paul teaches the proper techniques to protect the spine by lifting correctly and keeping the back arched and strong. He checks hamstring strength and flexibility, because tight or weak hamstrings can lead to back problems. Paul conducts manual muscle tests to check for deficits in the shoulder, because weak muscles are at greater risk of injury. He specifically tests the supraspinatus and teres minor, two of the shoulder’s rotator cuff muscles that have the most problems with deceleration, as when putting down a weighted objected quickly and stopping abruptly.

When assessing a person’s ability to do physical work, size doesn’t matter.  Those who are big and strong can have terrible form and easily become injured, while someone who’s smaller can have excellent form and the strength to do the job. Only through proper testing can employers differentiate between the two.

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Among the companies Paul has provided testing for are:
  • Keystone Quality Transport
  • A Duie Pyle Companies
  • CSX Corp.
  • PECO
  • Penske Logistics
  • Wawa